Amescon B2B Services

Amescon offers the following business services for companies of all sizes:

  • Software Engineering

    We deliever a variety of software engineering services, from database applications to machine control.

  • Custom PCB Design

    Simply let us know which functionality or list of communication ports you need, and we will design your printed circuit board - from scratch.
  • Turnkey Solutions

    We offer customized solutions for the integration of multiple machines, modules and embedded systems into a single effective system tailored especially to fulfill your companies' needs and criteria.

All you need, in one Company

Amescon combines every aspect needed for your IT projects. We have experts for

  • special purpose machinery manufacture
  • software engineering
  • and electronics engineering,

allowing us to find successfull solutions for otherwise unachievable exigencies.

Contact Process and Project Plan

To find out how we can help you, please contact us at

  1. Preliminary Meeting
  2. We will schedule a meeting (free of charge) to clarify
    • your project requirements
    • and technological foundations
    • as well as conduct an in-scope and out-of-scope analysis

  3. Second Meeting
  4. We will present you with our
    • feasibility study
    • and evaluate possible process conflicts and necessary adaptions

  5. Third Meeting
  6. We will present you with our
    • prototype schematic

  7. Project Start
  8. After the schematic has been approved we will implement your customized solution.
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