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Raspicomm 200

RasPiComm - Piggyback Extension Board for the Raspberry Pi!

Simply plugging your RasPiComm on to the GPIO header of your Raspberry Pi allows you to use advanced features like a 5-way joystick, two serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485), l2c output, and a realtime clock (your Raspberry Pi will not lose time when powered down).
Directy control a display, a stepper motor controller, relays, and much more!

Fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi B+, B and A!

Available here:

North America: AlliedElec AlliedElectronics

Global Availability: RS Components RS Components, ModMyPi (great international shipping rates!)

Main Features:

  • RS-485 port (control stepper motors and other cool stuff)
  • RS-232 port (easily talk to your computer or other serial port devices like a modem)
  • real-time clock with battery backup - never lose time again when powering down your Raspberry Pi
  • direct I2C connector - directly connect a display or sensors
  • 5-way joystick - control your Raspberry Pi easily
  • a tiny piggyback board - no extra cables or space
  • driver support and sample applications code
  • fully assembled including the backup-battery, ready to go! just plug it in!

Designed and produced in the EU.

Need help on how to set up your Raspberry Pi to communicate with the RasPiComm? Check out our Getting Started  - Page!

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