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RasPiComm Logo Compatible with RaspberryPi B+, B and A!


RasPiComm - Piggyback Extension Board for the Raspberry Pi!

Simply plugging your RasPiComm on to the GPIO header of your Raspberry Pi allows you to use advanced features like a 5-way joystick, two serial ports (RS-232 and RS-485), l2c output, and a realtime clock (your Raspberry Pi will not lose time when powered down).

Directy control a display, a stepper motor controller, relays, and much more!

PiloT Logo Back us and save up to 55%! Indigogo Campaign


PiloT - Modular Extension Board for the Raspberry Pi!

You decide which features your Raspberry Pi Extension board shall have! Take your pick from a wide array of great modules and combine them into the setup you want.

Huge possibilities, lots of power.

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