All tutorials are designed for use with the RasPiComm+, now available for preorder on Indiegogo!

1. Controlling a LED-Array with a potentiometer

In this example we write a small application that controls a LED Array by taking advantage of an analog input and an output module.

View LED-Array Tutorial »

2. Getting started with the WebApi

In this short tutorial, you'll learn how to get started with the RasPiComm+ WebApi, which will allow you to control your RasPiComm+ from your browser.

View WebApi Tutorial »

3. Using the LED-Array with a Slider in your Webbrowser

Combining the knowledge we have gained from the first two tutorials, let's control the LED-Array via slider in the webbrowser!

View LED-Array / Webslider Tutorial»

4. Displaying a picture with the LCD module

From connecting the LCD to the displayed picture - easy as pie!

View LCD Tutorial»

5. Sending SMS with the GSM module

Let's find out how to communicate with our Raspberry Pi via the RasPiComm+ GSM module's short message service!

View GSM Tutorial»

6. Using the RS-232 module to control a thermal printer

In this tutorial we take a closer look at the RS-232 module, connect the RasPiComm+ to a thermal printer and get it to (well, duh!) print!

View RS-232 Tutorial»

7. RasPiComm+ Access Control System

Let's build an access control system for a door!

View Access Control System Tutorial»

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